My name is Abasse Issa. I was of Lebanese descent but I was born and grew up in the Ivory Coast. "Then, because of personal and political reasons, I decided to leave the Coast of Ivory in 2000 and move to France where my family had already settled."

I must admit that five years ago I didn't know anything about Chinese Cresteds.Then one day, I saw this amazing dog in one of Disney's movies. It was the villain's pet and was so weird-looking that I could not get my eyes of him. Apart from his lovely fluffy face, he was hairless as his mistress had vowed never to get near fur again. Strangely enough, I found him really cute.

So next time I accompanied a friend to a dog-show, Chinese Cresteds were on top of my list of dogs to admire. And I wasn't the least disappointed. I felt this lovely leopard male and fell in love with the breed instantly..

Shortly after, I adopted my first hairless bitch from one of France's top breeders and started to show her. She has a lot of potential and has won major titles in France and abroad.

I wanted to explore both sides of the Chinese Crested World and Cacharel, a gorgeous powder-puff bitch, joined us a few months later. I had told her breeder that I wanted a show dog and she selected her especially for me. She is fantastic the ring and showing her is a real pleasure.

Hairless dogs made me feel like finding out more about other hairless animals and quite logically I turned to hairless cats. Apart from the lack of hair, hairless dogs and hairless cats have a lot in common: they are both affectionate, playful and very clever. My Sphinx cats, just like my Chinese Cresteds, are real characters !

I also fell in love with this breed. Sphynx cats are just amazing. They are very tender, very affectionate pets. They love sleeping on your lap. Their skin is naturally soft and silky and needs very little care. They get on well with other pets and never show any aggressivity. They do not just look incredibly different, they are so close to you that you often forget that they are only cats.

I would like to thank all the breeders who have put their trust in me. I thank you all for your comments, suggestions, help and support and for guiding my first steps as a breeder.